Syria Kurds show solidarity with Iraqi peers in anti-ISIL campaign


Anti-ISIL protesters in Kobane city, north of Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – Hundreds of Syrian Kurds took to the street on Friday to express their outrage about the growing power of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL) in different areas in Syria and neighbouring Iraq. The city of Qamishli saw an anti-ISIL protest where participants raised banners condemning the practices of ISIL in the region and showed solidarity with the Peshmerga forces of the Iraqi Kurdistan (who are in a state of alert to defend Kurdistan Region against potential ISIL-led attacks). The Peshmerga forces regained control over the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq hours after ISIL domination on Wednesday.

Qamishli anti-ISIL protesters demanded a Kurdish unity in the face of ISIL offensives in the region.

A. Aref, one of the protesters, stated to ARA News: “We are protesting today to stress the importance of solidarity among the different Kurdish factions in order to defeat extremists of ISIL who constitute a real danger to the entire region. We should put aside all rifts and form a united front to face this group, that’s our main goal of showing solidarity with the Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan, as we suffer from the practices of ISIL ourselves in Syria.”

Among the Syrian Kurdish areas which saw anti-ISIL protests was Kobane, in Aleppo northern countryside, where dozens of residents gathered in the city center holding anti-ISIL banners and showing sympathy with the Kurdistan Region. Kobane, which is for months besieged by ISIL militants, is considered one of the most affected areas by ISIL practices. Dozens of civilians were killed by the group and hundreds detained.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units in Syria (YPG) announced on Thursday their willingness and determination to support Iraqi Kurdistan against ISIL, as the YPG is already in conflict with the same group for months in Syria.

“We (YPG) have faced and are facing this fundamental group and its extremists for nearly one year and we have warned of their objectives and hidden agendas,” YPG General Command said, emphasizing that the YPG will back the Peshmerga forces in the face of the ISIL group, showing its full readiness to send experienced military personnel units “to support and protect our people and stand united to defeat those invaders”. 


Reporting by: Rodi Hamad

Source: ARA News

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