Casualties reported during pro-Assad celebrations


From Qamishli pro-Assad celebrations. An Assad supporter shooting in the air. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – After the head of the Syrian parliament, Mohammed Jihad Lahham, announced on Wednesday evening that Bashar al-Assad was re-elected as president of Syria for a new constitutional term, the pro-Assad militants and supporters started firing heavy and light weapons, celebrating Assad re-election, in both cities of Hasakah and Qamishl, in northeastern Syria, which resulted in the injury of several civilians.

Activists based in the city of Qamishli stated to ARA News that two children in al-Hilaliya neighborhood were injured by stray bullets and transferred to the city’s hospital. Random firing resulted in a state of fear and panic among the citizens after all security branches (loyal to Assad) shot in the air as a sign of happiness about the “victory of Assad” in the last presidential elections held in June 3.

Activists said that Assad supporters marched in Saba’ Bahrat square in central Qamishli, chanting pro-Assad slogans and raising pictures of the Syrian president.

Hoshang Hassan, an activist based in the city of Hasakah, confirmed to ARA News the injury of five civilians due to the National Defence militants’ fire during the celebration of the elections’ results in central Hasakah.

The Syrian President Bashar al- Assad issued a statement on the Syrian presidency page on the social networking site “Facebook” saying:  “The expression of joy and enthusiasm out of national sense does not justify shooting in the air, which endangers citizens’ lives, but our brave soldiers who are on the fire lines defending the homeland and fighting terrorism deserve every single bullet for accomplishing their national mission.”

In the statement, al-Assad called for citizens to express their national sentiment, saying: “We should reflect our civilization, culture and high morals as Syrians through our celebrations.”

The presidential elections were held in Syria on Tuesday in the areas controlled by the regime amid widespread condemnation of his opponents inside and outside of Syria. Anti-Assad activists organized protests condemning the elections.


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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